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Recent Locations

Stewart Homestead | Photo © 2024 www.abandonedfl.com

Stewart Homestead

The Stewart Homestead Several miles into Green Swamp sits the old homestead of Isham “Isom” and Sarah “Sallie” Browning Stewart, and the site of their murders. The story is...

Dade Commonwealth Building | Photo © 2023, www.abandonedflorida.com

Dade Commonwealth Building

History of the Dade Commonwealth Building Located in downtown Miami, across from the Shoreland Arcade, the Dade Commonwealth Building was constructed in 1926 and originally known as the Meyer-Kiser...

Old Railway Depot | Photo © 2023, www.abandonedflorida.com

Everglades City Railway Depot

Everglades City Railway Depot Simply recognized as the Old Railway Depot, the old Everglades City Railway Depot located in Everglades City is a historic railroad depot once part of the Atlantic Coast...

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