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How do I find more places on the site other than the ones on the front page?

If you look at the top-right of the web page, you will see a button with three lines located next to the search bar button. Click that button and a tab will pull out with all the locations on my site organized by Central, North, and South Florida. Or you can go to this link for a list of locations.

What camera and lens do you use?

I’ve used a Nikon D7000 for the past four years along with a Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens. Though there have been many iterations of the D7000 that has since come out with the Nikon D7500 being the latest, I never bothered to upgrade my camera as the original model was sufficient enough for me. Currently, I shoot with a Nikon D810 with a 14-24mm F/2.8 lens. The tripod I use is a Manfrotto BeFree Carbon Fiber Tripod as its lightweight can fit on my bag and is made of carbon fiber so it should last a few years. I was fond of the original tripod head it came with and replaced it with a Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head. My bag is a LowePro ProTactic 350 AW and I’m happy with it and has been the bag that has lasted the longest, considering I’ve gone through multiple bags and bag types throughout the years.

Why are most of the places listed on the site demolished? Why don’t you share the location of where many of these places are?

Over the years, I’ve explored hundreds of abandoned locations here in Florida and have seen what sharing locations does to them. To help prevent vandalism and destruction to these places, I refuse to share the location of many of these places.

For those that tell me that they aren’t vandals and are just photographers, keep in mind that photographers burned down Monroe Station, so that reasoning doesn’t work nowadays.

Why are all the comments closed throughout the website?

I was extremely fond of the input people had when the website first started, such as stories from people who had a connection with these places in some form. Nowadays though, the comments have slowly devolved into people either asking for advice on how to gain access to these places or incredibly insane political and outright racist rants.

Is there a way to purchase prints?

I’m working on getting something online where I can sell prints of my work.

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