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Archive - West Palm Beach

Northwood Medical Center | Photo © 2015 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Northwood Medical Center

  Built in the 1980s, the building remained operational for around 30 years. The Northwood Medical Center once located at 2601 N Flagler Drive was built in 1981. The office building contained many...

Sail Club Condominium Project | Photo © 2009 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Sail Club Condominium Project

Once a low-income housing complex built in the 1960s, it became the subject of a decade long court battle for ownership of the property. In 2005, 206 mainly elderly investors pitched in $25,000...

Carefree Theatre | Photo © 2014 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

The Carefree Theatre

The Carefree Theatre The former Carefree Theater once located on the corner of Dixie Highway and Flamingo Drive began as an ice cream parlor and coin laundry. In 1939, the building was bought by...

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