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Jones Brothers Furniture Company | Photo © 2016 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Jones Brothers Furniture Company

Location Class:
Built: 1926 | Abandoned: N/A
Status: Under Renovation
Photojournalist: David Bulit

Jones Brothers Furniture Co.

The Jones Brothers Furniture Company was founded in 1902, following the boom that occurred after the Great Fire of 1901. It was owned by W. G. and Michael K. Jones, who employed their younger brother R. L. Jones to work in the store. They had a building built in 1913 on Main Street which was later demolished in the 1960s.

Standard Furniture Building

By 1910, R. L. Jones started a rival company, Standard Furniture. In 1926, he developed this building, one story taller than his brothers’ six-story building, to house his prospering business. Designed by Jefferson D Powell, the building was constructed out of reinforced concrete and features Mediterranean Revival detailing at its upper level, as well as originally having a suspended canopy over the main entrance. Other notable features include prism glass above the street-level entrance, the seventh-floor windows with their wrought-iron balconies and spiral columns, and a decorative wrought-iron staircase visible from inside the lobby.

In later years, R. L. Jones’ sons purchased Jones Brothers Furniture Company and merged the two companies together, forming one of the largest family-owned businesses. They kept the Jones Brothers’ name and continued operating out of the Hogan Street building.

The original Jones Brothers Furniture Co. Building (later Haverty’s), on Main Street. W.B. Camp designed the building. It was demolished in the 1960s. The Prairie School Traveler

Future Plans

Now empty and in a state of neglect, there were plans to turn the building into an office complex for attorneys who frequent the courthouse just a few blocks away, but that never came to fruition. As of 2020, ACE JAX LLC, led by managers Elias Hionides and Andy Allen of Atlantic Beach, plan on renovating the first floor into a residential lobby, a restaurant or coffee shop, and office space. The second floor will feature a fitness center. The second through seven floors will also contain one-bedroom apartment units ranging in size.

You can read about the Jones Brothers Furniture Building and many other abandoned places in my books, Abandoned Jacksonville: Remnants of the River City and Abandoned Jacksonville: Ruins of the First Coast.

1949 Sanborn Jones Brothers
1949 Sanborn Insurance Map of Jacksonville, Florida. The building is labeled as Standard Furniture Company. Library of Congress

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The Prairie School Traveler; Wayne W. Wood. (retrieved June 30, 2022). Jacksonville’s Lost Treasures


David Bulit is a photographer, author, and historian from Miami, Florida. He has published a number of books on abandoned and forgotten locales throughout the United States and continues to advocate for preserving these historic landmarks. His work has been featured throughout the world in news outlets such as the Miami New Times, the Florida Times-Union, the Orlando Sentinel, NPR, Yahoo News, MSN, the Daily Mail, UK Sun, and many others. You can find more of his work at davidbulit.com as well as amazon.com/author/davidbulit.

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