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777 International Mall | Photo © 2016 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

777 International Mall

The Miami Theatre, c. 1947 Located between such historic structures such as the Shoreland Arcade and the Alfred I. Dupont Building, one wouldn’t think that a dilapidated shopping mall was...

Sunrise Cinemas Las Olas | Photo © Bullet 2014, www.abandonedfl.com

Sunrise Cinemas Las Olas

The Las Olas Riverfront was located in downtown Fort Lauderdale at the end of Las Olas Blvd and featured restaurants, shops, bars, nightlife venues, and a movie theater. The Regal Cinemas 23 opened...

Sunrise Cinemas Intracoastal 8 | Photo © 2014 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Sunrise Cinemas Intracoastal 8

Located at the Intracoastal Mall in North Miami Beach, it opened in the late-1980s as an eight-screen movie theater. Despite renovations in later years, customers complained of it being outdated and...

Coconut Grove Playhouse | Photo © 2015 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Coconut Grove Playhouse

Coconut Grove Playhouse Richard Kiehnel, Architect Originally constructed as a movie theater, the Coconut Grove Playhouse was designed by Richard Kiehnel of the renowned architecture firm, Kiehnel...

Carefree Theatre | Photo © 2014 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

The Carefree Theatre

The Carefree Theatre The former Carefree Theater once located on the corner of Dixie Highway and Flamingo Drive began as an ice cream parlor and coin laundry. In 1939, the building was bought by...

Pheil Hotel | Photo © 2016 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Pheil Hotel

Abram Camp Pheil Abram Camp Pheil was born in Pennsylvania but settled in Citrus County, Florida in 1884, before relocating to St. Petersburg in 1894. He worked at a sawmill earning $1 a day. With...

Little Hollywood Playhouse | Photo © 2013 Bullet, www.abandonedfl.com

Little Hollywood Playhouse

Beginning in 1933, the Little Theater of Hollywood produced plays at various locations all over Hollywood. The group disbanded during World War II, as casting during the draft was difficult. They...

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